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  • Acw3451 Artists Colour Wheel 27Cm Diameter
ACW 3451

The Artist Colour Wheel visually demonstrates instantly the results of colour mixing.

  • Shows Primary, Secondary and Intermediate Colours.
  • Harmonies such as: Monochromatic, Complementary, Analogous and Triadic.
  • Includes Hues, Chroma, Tints and Tones.

The color wheel is a great start for getting inspiration on what colour combinations and hues to use. It simplifies the processes of creating harmony or contrast by helping to choose the right colour schemes.
Consulting this handy tool, artists can decide what colour scheme they want to use by applying some geometrical methods, which means taking into consideration the distance between colours on the wheel.
On the front of the colour wheel all around the edge, you find the primary and secondary colours.
In the centre there is an inside wheel has small “windows” that let you see what colour you would obtain adding either red, yellow, blue, white, or black to the colours on the colour wheel.
The inner wheel shows the results of colour mixing.
Rotating the inner wheel you can find a colour that is the closest to what you are trying to mix, and learn how to mix it.The wheel has also a grey scale that let's you verify the value of each hue.
On the back of the colour wheel you can see the scale of pure colour, tint, tone, and shade, for each hue.
Also, in the centre there is a diagram showing all the colour schemes, and turning the dial you can see combinations of colours that would work together for each colour scheme.

Code Unit Description Dimensions Weight
ACW 3451EachArtist Colour Wheel 27cm Diameter300L x 300W x 3H50 (g)

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