Pelikan is a German Manufacturer of Fountain Pens and Other Writing, Office and Art Equipment. Credited with the Invention of the Differential-Piston Filling Method, the Original Company was Founded in Hanover in 1832 before it went Bankrupt and Restarted. Pelikan A.G. is now a Swiss Incorporated Subsidiary of Pelikan International.

We are Proud Sellers of Pelikan Al Erasers.

Planhorse Plan Clamps

Available in 2 sizes Powder Coated Gloss White Finish To suit Planhorse Trolleys and Wall Racks

Planhorse Trolleys

Planhorse A1 Trolleys Available in 10 or 20 Clamp Capacity Options Powder Coated Charcoal Grey Framework with White Clamp Bracket

Planhorse Wall Rack

Planhorse Side Loaded Wall Rack with 10 Clamp Capacity in a Gloss White Powder Coat finish.