Full range of Drawing & Drafting Supplies including Technical Pens & Inks, Mechanical & Clutch Pencils, Leads, Erasers, Scale Rules, Map Measures, Templates, Tapes & Adhesives

Pens, Markers & Inks

Technical Drawing Pens, Markers and Inks including Rotring Rapidograph, Isograph, Staedtler Pigment Liners, Uni Pin, Artline Drawing system, Rotring Tikky, Copic Sketch Markers, Drawing Inks and Ink C

Pencils, Leads & Erasers

Draftex and Staedtler Clutch Pencils to Suit 2mm Leads for Technical Drawing and Drafting, Erasers for Pencil and Ink, Kneadable Erasers, Vinyl Erasers, Dry Cleaning Pads, Dusting Brushes and Erasing

Scale Rules

Range of oval or flat scale rules and triangular scale rulers for drawing & measuring. All leading brands plus an extensive selection of varying ratios for architectural and engineering drawings.

Compasses & Accessories

An extensive range of quality German made Compasses including Masterbow, Springbow Drop Bow and Beam Compass varieties in sets with and without Extensions Arms, Compass Accessories Including Leads,

Cutting Mats & Cutting Tools

Self Healing Green Cutting Mats in A4, A3, A2 and A1. Metric 1cm Grid. Craft and Model Making Knives including Olfa Cutters, Osmer Cutters and Replacement Snap off Blades. Single and Double Sided Razo

Adhesives, Solvent Cleaners & Tapes

Glue Sticks and Adhesives in Tubes for a Variety of Purposes and Surfaces. 3M Sprays Including Adhesives for Mounting and Gluing. Solvent Cleaner for Most Clean-up Work in Artwork Production Including

Templates & Curves

Architectural Templates, Circle Templates, French Curves, Flexible Curves, Lettering Stencils, Lettering and Line Guides.

Tee Squares

Timber Tee Squares in 60, 90 and 105cm Lengths. 1102 Series for For Right Hand And Left Handed Use.

Set Squares & Protractors

Acrylic Protractors in 180° and 360°. Draftex and Kent Set Square Sets and Adjustable Set Squares. 45 Degree and 60/30 Degree Sets in Various Sizes all in Clear Acrylic.

Display Books & Carry Bags

Display Books, Carry Cases, Pockets and Push Button Envelopes, Sleeves and Zip Close Portfolios


Drawing Board Clips Available Individually or in a Set of 4. Used for Holding Drawings on to Drawing Board. Artist Colour Wheel 27cm Diameter. Illustrates Visually and Instantly the Results of Colour