Artline Pens Starting from $3.55

  • 210Artlinexxea 200Artlinexxea 220 Artlinexxea Artline Water Based Ink Pens 02Mm 04Mm 06Mm
  • 210Artlinemixbx Artline 210 06Mm Pen Box Of 12 Pens With 8 Different Colours

Artline Fineline Drawing Pens have Instant drying, Blur Proof ink and ideal for all general writing and drawing in the office, home or school.

  • Artline 200 - 0.4mm
  • Artline 210 - 0.6mm
  • Artline 220 - 0.2mm

  • For Use on Paper Products.
  • Blur Proof Water Based Ink Will Not Bleed Through Thin Paper.
  • Xylene Free and RoHS Compliant.
  • Plastic Barrel with Fibre Nib.

Artline 210 0.6mm Mixed Box of 12 (210ArtlineMixBx) Includes 8 Colours:

  • 3 x Black.
  • 2 x Blue.
  • 1 x Brown.
  • 1 x Green.
  • 1 x Orange.
  • 1 x Purple.
  • 2 x Red.
  • 1 x Yellow.

The Artline 200 Series are manufactured in 3 tip sizes to provide line widths of 0.2mm Artline 220, 0.4mm Artline 200 and 0.6mm Artline 210.
They share a water based ink which dries instantly and resists smudging and blurring.
These pens are ideally suited for handwriting and sketching and have a good feel and easy flow.
Line widths are marked on the barrel and the end cap for easy identification.

Available singly or in Packs of 12 in Black Red Blue and Green.

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Code Unit Description Dimensions Weight
220ArtlineRDeaEachArtline 220 0.2mm Red138L x 11W x 10H9 (g)
220ArtlineBLeaEachArtline 220 0.2mm Blue138L x 11W x 10H9 (g)
220ArtlineBKeaEachArtline 220 0.2mm Black138L x 11W x 10H9 (g)
220ArtlineRDbxBox 12Artline 220 0.2mm Red140L x 68W x 28H129 (g)
220ArtlineBLbxBox 12Artline 220 0.2mm Blue140L x 68W x 28H129 (g)
220ArtlineBKbxBox 12Artline 220 0.2mm Black140L x 68W x 28H129 (g)
200ArtlineRdeaEachArtline 200 0.4mm Red138L x 11W x 10H9 (g)
200ArtlineBLeaEachArtline 200 0.4mm Blue138L x 11W x 10H9 (g)
200ArtlineBKeaEachArtline 200 0.4mm Black138L x 11W x 10H9 (g)
200ArtlineRDbxBox 12Artline 200 0.4mm Red140L x 68W x 28H129 (g)
200ArtlineBLbxBox 12Artline 200 0.4mm Blue140L x 68W x 28H129 (g)
200ArtlineBKbxBox 12Artline 200 0.4mm Black140L x 68W x 28H129 (g)
210ArtlineRDeaEachArtline 210 0.6mm Red138L x 11W x 10H9 (g)
210ArtlineBLeaEachArtline 210 0.6mm Blue138L x 11W x 10H9 (g)
210ArtlineBKeaEachArtline 210 0.6mm Black138L x 11W x 10H9 (g)
210ArtlineRDbxBox 12Artline 210 0.6mm Red140L x 68W x 28H129 (g)
210ArtlineBLbxBox 12Artline 210 0.6mm Blue140L x 68W x 28H129 (g)
210ArtlineBKbxBox 12Artline 210 0.6mm Black140L x 68W x 28H129 (g)
210ArtlineMixBxBox 12Artline 210 Fineliner Pens 0.6mm Mixed180L x 170W x 50H180 (g)

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