Bond 80gsm 50 or 100 Metre Rolls Starting from $19.25

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  • Bondxxx Chromajet  Gem 80Gsm Bond Rolls 50Mm Cores For Wide Format Inkjet Printers 6 Roll Widths 50 Or 100M Length Range
Quantity Price
1 to 3Roll 50m price - $19.25
4 to 7Roll 50m price - $18.10
8 to 11Roll 50m price - $17.00
12 to 100Roll 50m price - $15.80

Chromajet & GEM 80gsm Bond Paper in 50 & 100m Rolls for printing B/W CAD drawings on wide format inkjet plotters/printers. Available in a wide range of widths to suit various paper plan sizes.

Bond Paper Rolls

Chromajet & GEM Reflex for Wide Format Inkjet Printers

  • Available in 914, 841, 707, 610, 594 & 420mm wide rolls.
  • Rolls to suit Wide Format Inkjet Printers including HP, Canon and Epson Models.
  • Overall Roll Diameter: Chromajet & GEM 50m rolls have a 100mm (3.94") diameter, Chromajet 100m rolls have a 130mm (5.12") diameter & GEM 100m rolls have a 140mm (5.51") diameter.
  • Rolls are available in 50 and 100m Lengths. Please check your Printers specifications before ordering 100m rolls as not all HP Designjet Printers are specified to accept. Most Canon and Epson Printers are specified for 100m Rolls. Please refer to table of HP DesignJet Printers below.
  • Recommended for B/W CAD Printing.
  • This premium Bond Paper is High White in Colour.
  • Made with a dust free surface.
  • Consistent in manufacture to provide optimum smooth surface and maximum ink hold for greater clarity of printed image.
HP DesignJet Printers Compatibility Chart for Bond Rolls 50metres, 100metres & 150metres
*only if you have purchased optional 3" roll holder
HP DesignJet Model Series Chromjet & GEM 50 Metre Rolls
50mm Core (2inch)
Chromajet 100 Metre Rolls
50mm Core (2inch)
GEM 100 Metre Rolls
Chromajet & GEM 150 Metre Rolls

75mm (3inch) Core
HP DesignJet 100 YES NO NO
HP DesignJet 110 YES NO NO
HP DesignJet 120 YES NO NO
HP DesignJet 130 YES NO NO
HP DesignJet T120e YES NO NO
HP DesignJet 450 YES NO NO
HP DesignJet 500 YES NO NO
HP DesignJet 650 YES NO NO
HP DesignJet 750 YES NO NO
HP DesignJet 800 YES NO NO
HP DesignJet T120 YES NO NO
HP DesignJet T520 YES NO NO
HP DesignJet T730 YES NO NO
HP DesignJet T830 YES NO NO
HP DesignJet T930 YES YES *YES
HP DesignJet T795 YES YES *YES
HP DesignJet T790 YES YES *YES
HP DesignJet T1300 YES YES *YES
HP DesignJet T1530 YES YES *YES
HP DesignJet T1700 YES YES *YES
HP DesignJet T2300 YES YES NO
HP DesignJet T2530 YES YES *YES
HP DesignJet T3500 YES YES YES
HP DesignJet T7200 YES YES YES

Chromajet & GEM Bond Paper is professional inkjet paper that meets the International Standard for Permanent papers (ISO 9706).
It's uncoated formulation offers high whiteness and good resistance to yellowing with age.
The ultra smooth surface minimises bleed and provides maximum ink hold and the greatest clarity.
Chromajet 50m and 100m rolls & GEM 50m rolls are spooled on 50mm cores to suit all roll fed inkjet printers and packed 4 rolls to a box for 50m rolls and 2 rolls to a box for 100m rolls.
GEM 100m rolls are spooled on 75mm cores.
Quantity break discounts available for multiple rolls.
As it probably costs close to the same to ship 6 rolls as 8 it makes sense to take advantage of the economies of ordering in box multiples.

Environmental: Chromajet & GEM Bond meets the requirement of International Standard ISO9706 for permanent 100% virgin fibre sourced from sustainable forests. The mill recycles water, uses waste products as energy source, waste and effluent treatment systems in place, no detectable dioxin discharges.

Code Unit Description Dimensions Weight
GEMBond420Roll 50mGEM Bond 80gsm 420mm x 50m460L x 110W x 110H1900 (g)
Bond420Roll 50mChromajet Bond 80gsm 420mm x 50m460L x 110W x 110H1900 (g)
GEMBond594Roll 50mGEM Bond 80gsm 594mm x 50m640L x 110W x 110H3100 (g)
GEMBond610Roll 50mGEM Bond 80gsm 610mm x 50m640L x 110W x 110H3100 (g)
GEMBond707Roll 50mGEM Bond 80gsm 707mm x 50m740L x 110W x 110H3500 (g)
Bond707Roll 50mChromajet Bond 80gsm 707mm x 50m740L x 110W x 110H3500 (g)
GEMBond841Roll 50mGEM Bond 80gsm 841mm x 50m880L x 110W x 110H4000 (g)
Bond841Roll 50mChromajet Bond 80gsm 841mm x 50m880L x 110W x 110H4000 (g)
GEMBond914Roll 50mGEM Bond 80gsm 914mm x 50m977L x 110W x 110H4250 (g)
Bond420100Roll 100mChromajet Bond 80gsm 420mm x 100m425L x 133W x 133H3660 (g)
GEMBond594100Roll 100mGEM Bond 80gsm 594mm x 100m600L x 133W x 133H5300 (g)
GEMBond610100Roll 100mGEM Bond 80gsm 610mm x 100m615L x 133W x 133H5700 (g)
Bond707100Roll 100mChromajet Bond 80gsm 707mm x 100m715L x 133W x 133H5900 (g)
GEMBond841100Roll 100mGEM Bond 80gsm 841mm x 100m846L x 133W x 133H7500 (g)
GEMBond914100Roll 100mGEM Bond 80gsm 914mm x 100m920L x 133W x 133H10900 (g)
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Hp Designjet Printers Compatability Chart For Bond Rolls W

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