Copic Refillable Multiliner SP Starting from $4.50

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  • Csp Copic Multiliner Sp
  • Cspset4 Copic Multiliner Sp Pens Set Of 4

Copic Refillable Multiliner SP are pigment markers with replaceable nibs and are a practical alternative to steel nib technical pens. Available in a range of sizes, sold individually and in set of 4.

  • Available in 0.25, 0.35, 0.50, 0.70 Line Widths
  • Alloy Body with Plastic Finger Grip
  • Refill Pigmented Ink Cartridges
  • Replacement Nibs are Available for Each Size
  • A Practical Alternative to Steel Nib Technical Pens
  • Ink Cartridge A to Suit Nib Sizes; 0.03, 0.05, 0.1 only
  • Ink Cartridge B to Suit Nib Sized; 0.2, 0.25, 0.3, 0.35, 0.5 & 0.7 only

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Copic Multiliners are distinct from other types of pigment liners by being refillable and having replaceable nibs.
The pen barrel is a smart alloy material with the line width clearly marked both on it and the cap.
Ink refills come in cartridge for and contain a strong black pigment formula that resists fading.
Line widths conform to ISO Standards of .25,.35,.50 and .70 mm which make them a possible alternative to a true technical pen.
Sold individually or in Sets of 4

Code Unit Description Dimensions Weight
CSINKAEachCopic Multiliner Refill Ink A195L x 40W x 12H7 (g)
CSINKBEachCopic Multiliner Refill Ink B195L x 40W x 12H7 (g)
CSN25Pk 2Copic Multiliner SP Nib 0.25mm76L x 41W x 3H2 (g)
CSN35EachCopic Multiliner SP Nib 0.35mm76L x 41W x 3H2 (g)
CSN50EachCopic Multiliner SP Nib 0.50mm76L x 41W x 3H2 (g)
CSN70EachCopic Multiliner SP Nib 0.70mm76L x 41W x 3H2 (g)
CSP25EachCopic Multiliner SP Pen 0.25mm135L x 12W x 12H12 (g)
CSP35EachCopic Multiliner SP Pen 0.35mm135L x 12W x 12H12 (g)
CSP50EachCopic Multiliner SP Pen 0.50mm135L x 13W x 13H12 (g)
CSP70EachCopic Multiliner SP Pen 0.70mm135L x 13W x 13H12 (g)
CSPSet4Set 4Copic Multiliner Set .25, .35, .5, .7150L x 58W x 20H100 (g)

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