Draftex Triangular Scale Rules Starting from $8.70

  • Tsr Draftex Triangular Scale Rulers Tsr1 Tsr2 Tsr3 Tsr4
  • Tsr1 Draftex Triangular Scale Ruler Ratios 1 To 20255075100125
  • Tsr2 Draftex Triangular Scale Ruler Ratios 1 To 202533And 1 Third5075100
  • Tsr3 Draftex Triangular Scale Ruler Ratios 1 To 255102050100
  • Tsr4 Draftex Triangular Scale Ruler Ratios 1 To 100200250300400500


Draftex Triangular Scale Rulers. Available in 4 different sets of ratios, each encased in a hard, protective, plastic cover.

  • Made in ABS Plastic
  • Colour Coded Centre Strip
  • Hard Plastic Carry Case
  • TSR1 Ratios 1: 20,25,50,75,100,125
  • TSR2 Ratios 1: 20,25,33/3,50,75,100
  • TSR3 Ratios 1: 2.5,5,10,20,50,100
  • TSR4 Ratios 1: 100,200,250,300,400,500

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Draftex Triangular Scale Rules feature one graduation per edge making 6 scales in total.
The centre section of each side is colour coded to make identification of the scale quicker and easier.
Most popular graduations are covered over the 4 types available.
Draftex Triangular Scales come with a sturdy protective plastic sleeve.
Triangular scale rules have traditionally been preferred for the reading of drawings while oval section types are popular for drawing.

Code Unit Description Dimensions Weight
TSR1EachDraftex Triangular Scale Rule No.1330L x 27W x 27H70 (g)
TSR2EachDraftex Triangular Scale Rule No.2330L x 27W x 27H70 (g)
TSR3EachDraftex Triangular Scale Rule No.3330L x 27W x 27H70 (g)
TSR4EachDraftex Triangular Scale Rule No.4330L x 27W x 27H70 (g)

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