Drafting Film 003 75 Micron Starting from $11.00

  • Film003xxx Grafix Polyester Drafting Film 75 Micron For Manual Drawing Available In Rolls And Cut Sheets

Grafix Double Matt Drafting Film 0.003" 75 Micron is polyester based and made specifically for manual drawing with technical pens, pencils and fineline pigment markers.

  • 0.003" Double Matte 75 Micron.
  • Smooth Drawing Surface for Excellent Results with Manual Drafting.
  • The Surface is Formulated to allow Multiple Erasures without Ghosting.
  • Will accept Ink, Pencil and Fineline Pigment Markers.
  • Available in A1, A2, A3 & A4 Cut Sheets.
  • Roll Option Available: Width- 914mm x Length- 20yards (18.28m).

Our drafting film range is manufactured by Grafix and imported by Draftex from the USA.

Pack Sizes in A1, A2, A3 and A4 available in pack of 5 or 50 sheets.

Important for A1 & A2 - Multiple of 5 Sheet Orders:
We Roll and Send in Tube/s. For sending flat packed please contact us directly to obtain custom quotation.

Roll is 20 yards long - not 20 metres.

Grafix Double Matt Drafting Film is specifically made for manual drafting.
It is designed to be drawn on with technical pen, pencil and fineline pigment markers.
Special Film Ink such as Staedtler M2 should be used in technical pens as this will assist adhesion and accelerate drying.
Drafting Film, being polyester based, is impervious to liquid so ink will not be absorbed into the surface as with tracing paper.
Drafting Film is usually chosen for it's high dimensional stability and resistance to humidity.
These qualities also make it archival quality.

Code Unit Description Dimensions Weight
Film003A4Pk5Pk 5A4 D/Matte Drafting Film .003" 75 Micron310L x 220W x 20H400 (g)
Film003A3Pk5Pk 5A3 D/Matte Drafting Film .003" 75 Micron341L x 220W x 20H450 (g)
Film003A2Pk5Pk 5A2 D/Matte Drafting Film .003" 75 Micron750L x 60W x 60H2000 (g)
Film003A1Pk5Pk 5A1 D/Matte Drafting Film .003" 75 Micron750L x 60W x 60H3000 (g)
Film003A4Pk50Pk 50A4 D/Matte Drafting Film .003" 75 Micron300L x 210W x 10H1000 (g)
Film003A3Pk50Pk 50A3 D/Matte Drafting Film .003" 75 Micron423L x 300W x 7H1300 (g)
Film003A2Pk50Pk 50A2 D/Matte Drafting Film .003" 75 Micron423L x 298W x 12H2500 (g)
Film003A1Pk50Pk 50A1 D/Matte Drafting Film .003" 75 Micron1020L x 820W x 30H6000 (g)
FILM91420RollD/Matte Drafting Film .003" 914mm x 20yd970L x 120W x 120H3010 (g)

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