Pre Printed Tracing Paper Starting from $1.90

  • Preptxx Draftex Tracing Paper 112Gsm With Printed Title Block And Border A1 A2 A3 A4

Pre-Printed Tracing Paper 112gsm is a high quality, heavy weight translucent paper media with a printed title block and border to save time and provide a professional appearance for your drawing plans.

  • Heavyweight Tracing Paper 112gsm Sheets
  • Pre-Printed Title Block and Border
  • Available in Sizes A1, A2, A3 & A4

Pre printed Tracing Paper sheets have a border and title block box printed on the sheet.
Designed to be a time saver and also to add a professional touch to your work.
The paper is 112gsm Gateway Tracing in sizes A1,A2,A3 and A4.
The lines are usually printed on the reverse side of the sheets so that erasures or updated information in the title block do not get disturbed.

Environmental: Gateway tracing paper is naturally transparent and is made from 100 % pure cellulose fibre without the use of transparentising chemicals. Unlike resin-impregnated translucent paper, this product is 100 % recyclable and biodegradable. It manufactured from Elemental Chlorine Free and Total Chlorine Free woodpulp from well managed and renewable forest sources that have been certified as FSC or FSC controlled wood.

Code Unit Description Dimensions Weight
PrePTA4EachPre Printed Tracing Paper A4310L x 220W x 1H40 (g)
PrePTA3EachPre Printed Tracing Paper A3430L x 310W x 1H40 (g)
PrePTA2EachPre Printed Tracing Paper A2610L x 430W x 1H40 (g)
PrePTA1EachPre Printed Tracing Paper A1850L x 610W x 1H40 (g)

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