Replacement Wires for Parallel Rules Starting from $19.55

  • Rwxx And Dprwire Replacement Wires For Parallel Motion Rules Available In 5 Sizes

Draftex Replacement Wire for Parallel Motion Rules are measured to suit the width and depth of common drawing board sizes.

  • Plastic Coated Wire with 60 Pound Breaking Strain and Tension Spring
  • Custom Sized for Each Parallel Rule Length i.e. Wire for 1200mm Width Rule is 6 metres overall length.
  • Suitable for all Parallel Rules with Board Surface Mounting

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View our Wire Replacement guide in PDF format here

Our Wire replacements for Parallel Motion Units are measured to suit the width and depth of common Drawing Board sizes. The Parallel Rule replacement wire has a tensioning spring located in the centre of the two halves.

Code Unit Description Dimensions Weight
RW1521EachReplacement Wire for 1521/1522 700-900mm120L x 80W x 10H5 (g)
RW42EachReplacement Wire for 42"/1050-1067mm PMU100L x 85W x 10H17 (g)
RW1200EachReplacement Wire for 1200mm PMU100L x 85W x 10H17 (g)
RW54EachReplacement Wire for 54"/1370mm PMU100L x 85W x 10H17 (g)
RW60EachReplacement Wire for 60"/1524mm PMU100L x 85W x 10H17 (g)
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Wire Replacement

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