Tracing Paper 112gsm Cut Sheets Starting from $4.00

  • Trcxx Gateway Tracing Paper 112Gsm Cut Sheets Pk125 Available Sizes A1 A2 A3 A4

Tracing Paper 112gsm Cut Sheets is a high quality, heavy weight translucent paper media for manual drawing or inkjet/laser printers. Available in a range of sizes and sold in packs of 10 or 125 sheets.

Gateway 112gsm Tracing Paper Sheets for Inkjet Printers

  • Available in A1, A2, A3 & A4 Sheet Sizes.
  • Available in Multiples of 10 Sheets or Pack of 125 Sheets.

Important for A1 & A2 - Multiple of 10 Sheet Orders:
We Roll and Send in Tube/s. For sending flat packed please contact us directly to obtain custom quotation.

  • Recommended for CAD Printing this product is also suitable for Manual Drafting & Drawing as well as Laser (PPC) Printers & Copiers.
  • pH neutral and accelerated aging tests show that this product has a life expectancy in excess of 100 years if used and stored correctly.

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For Manual Drafting
Gateway Natural Tracing Paper is ideal for use with technical drafting pens, pencils and fineline pigment makers.
A good surface remains after erasure and translucency is excellent.
When handled and stored correctly Gateway Tracing Paper has a shelf life expectancy of 100 years. Available in sheets and rolls.
For Inkjet and PPC Printing
Gateway Tracing Paper is a heavyweight translucent paper suitable for inkjet and PPC printing .

Available in five standard sheet sizes.
Has special finish coating that results in inkjet prints having a crisp defined line and holds toner well when run through a PPC printer.
Ideally suited for prints in monochrome with spot colour.

Environmental: Gateway tracing paper is naturally transparent and is made from 100 % pure cellulose fibre without the use of transparentising chemicals. Unlike resin-impregnated translucent paper, this product is 100 % recyclable and biodegradable. It is manufactured from Elemental Chlorine Free and Total Chlorine Free woodpulp from well managed and renewable forest sources that have been certified as FSC or FSC controlled wood.

Code Unit Description Dimensions Weight
TRCA4Pk10Pk10A4 Tracing Paper 112gsm - 10 Sheets670L x 60W x 60H242 (g)
TRCA4PkPk 125A4 Tracing Paper 112gsm305L x 218W x 12H1020 (g)
TRCA3Pk10Pk10A3 Tracing Paper 112gsm - 10 Sheets670L x 60W x 60H322 (g)
TRCA3PkPk 125A3 Tracing Paper 112gsm428L x 308W x 25H2020 (g)
TRCA2Pk10Pk10A2 Tracing Paper 112gsm - 10 Sheets690L x 70W x 70H550 (g)
TRCA2PkPk 125A2 Tracing Paper 112gsm596L x 421W x 13H3640 (g)
TRCA1Pk10Pk10A1 Tracing Paper 112gsm - 10 Sheets690L x 70W x 70H1100 (g)
TRCA1PkPk 125A1 Tracing Paper 112gsm1020L x 820W x 40H9000 (g)

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