Standardgraph Zeichentechnik is a German Producer and Distributor of Well-Known Foreign Manufacturers in the Field of Drawing Technology.

We are Proud Sellers of a Wide Variety of Standardgraph Templates Including;

General Templates; Symbols, Circles, Ellipses, Curves, Nuts and Bolts, Map Making Symbols, Shapes, Arrows and Brackets.

Architectural Templates; Work Plans, Garden Planning, House Furnishing, Sanitary Objects and Installation and Map Making.

General Templates

Standardgraph Multipurpose Templates Including Ellipses, Radii, Tangents, Circles, Hexagons, Squares, Triangles and Arrows.

Architectural Templates

Standardgraph Architectural Templates in Convenient Scales Including Work Planning, Garden Planning, House Furnishing, Sanitary Objects and Installation, Map Making and Drainage Systems.

Standardgraph Lettering Stencils

Lettering Stencils Available in Four Sizes. For Use With Technical Pens. ISO 3098 Standard.