Standardgraph Lettering Stencils Starting from $24.70

  • Standardgraph Lettering Stencils 2524 Series
  • 252425 Standardgraph Lettering Stencil 25Mm
  • 252435 Standardgraph Lettering Stencil 35Mm
  • 2524502
  • 252470 Standardgraph Lettering Stencil 70Mm

Standardgraph Lettering Stencils are made of transparent plastic and allow for the drawing of consistent letters and numbers.

  • Manufactured in Compliance with ISO 3098 Standard.
  • For Use With Technical Pens.
  • Sizes Available to Suit Technical Pen Nibs at 0.25, 0.35, 0.5 & 0.7mm Thickness.

Standardgraph Lettering Stencils conform to the ISO3098 Standard.
This standard specifies that the lettering height be 10 times the lettering width.
For example a 3.5 stencil has lettering 3.5mm in height and is designed to accept a technical pen with a line width of .35mm.
This system relies on the combination of these specific pens and stencils and does not function with markers, pencils or pigment liners.
When viewed in profile Standardgraph 2524 Stencils are an "H" profile meaning that they feature a raised edge top and bottom.
This elevates the surface to avoid ink smudges and provide an edge for the stencil to run along.
Sizes available are 2.5, 3.5, 5.0 and 7.0mm.

Code Unit Description Dimensions Weight
252425EachLetter Guide 2.5mm H Prof200L x 52W x 2H8 (g)
252435EachLetter Guide 3.5mm H Prof200L x 52W x 2H8 (g)
252450EachLetter Guide 5.0mm H Prof240L x 54W x 3H8 (g)
252470EachLetter Guide 7.0mm H Prof300L x 58W x 4H8 (g)
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Standardgraph Template Lettering Guide Brochure July 2021

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