Artline Drawing System Pens Starting from $7.45

  • 230Ds Artline Drawing System Pens
  • 230Ds4bx Artline Drawing Systems Pens Bx 12
  • 230Dsset6 Artline Drawing System Pens Set Of 6

Artline Drawing System pens are disposable technical drawing pens that are ideal for general writing and technical drawing. Available in a range of sizes, sold individually, box of 12 and wallet of 6.

  • Water Based, Water Resistant, Fade Proof, Pigment Ink.
  • For use in all Drawing, Graphic Design and Illustrating Work.
  • Available in . & .8mm Line Widths.
  • One Line Width Available Individually or Box of 10.
  • Also Available in Wallet of 6: One each of . & .8mm Line Widths.

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Artline Drawing System Pens feature a pigment ink that yields a good black line. The ink is water resistant and fade-proof making them ideal for design and drafting applications where a clean line will show the work to a high standard.
A metal sleeve supports the drawing tip and adds stability and consistency when using a ruler or template.
Available in six line widths as single pens, box of 12 or mixed wallet of 6.

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Code Unit Description Dimensions Weight
230DS.1eaEachArtline 230 DS Pen 0.1mm135L x 15W x 10H10 (g)
230DS.2eaEachArtline 230 DS Pen 0.2mm135L x 15W x 10H10 (g)
230DS.3eaEachArtline 230 DS Pen 0.3mm135L x 15W x 10H10 (g)
230DS.4eaEachArtline 230 DS Pen 0.4mm135L x 15W x 10H10 (g)
230DS.5eaEachArtline 230 DS Pen 0.5mm135L x 15W x 10H10 (g)
230DS.8eaEachArtline 230 DS Pen 0.8mm135L x 15W x 10H10 (g)
230DSSet6Set 6Artline 230 DS Pens 0.1 - 0.8mm140L x 74W x 8H100 (g)
230DS.1bxBox 12Artline 230 DS Pen 0.1mm138L x 68W x 28H100 (g)
230DS.2bxBox 12Artline 230 DS Pen 0.2mm138L x 68W x 28H100 (g)
230DS.3bxBox 12Artline 230 DS Pen 0.3mm138L x 68W x 28H100 (g)
230DS.4bxBox 12Artline 230 DS Pen 0.4mm138L x 68W x 28H100 (g)
230DS.5bxBox 12Artline 230 DS Pen 0.5mm138L x 68W x 28H100 (g)
230DS.8bxBox 12Artline 230 DS Pen 0.8mm138L x 68W x 28H100 (g)

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