Artlogic LED Light Boxes Starting from $295.80

  • Ledlba2 Artlogic Slimline Led Light Box A2
  • Ledlba3 Artlogic Slimline Led Light Box A3

Artlogic Slimline LED Light Boxes are designed to illuminate drawings to assist with tracing through the use of LED lighting in a lightweight & slim tablet-like design.

  • Available for Sheet Sizes A3, A2 or A1.
  • A2 Overall Size 644mm x 470mm x 9mm.
  • A3 Overall Size 470mm x 347mm x 9mm.
  • Touch Adjustable Illumination.
  • Super Bright LED Lighting.
  • Rated for Minimum 30,000 Hours Life.
  • Sleek Lightweight Design.
  • Touch On/Off.
  • Power Adaptor with 2.5m Cable Lead.

The Artlogic Slimline LED Lightboxes feature super bright adjustable illumination.
They are rated for a minimum of 30,000 hours life.
The sleek lightweight design of these LED lightboxes makes them readily portable.
For Sheet sizes up to A1, A2 and A3.

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Code Unit Description Dimensions Weight
LEDLBA2EachArtlogic LED Light Box A2780L x 550W x 70H6500 (g)
LEDLBA3EachArtlogic LED Light Box A3610L x 440W x 90H4000 (g)
LEDLBA1EachArtlogic LED Light Box A11560L x 1100W x 70H13000 (g)

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