Clearance Sale Soft Tone Trace Rolls Starting from $25.80

  • Yt Wt Imperfect Rolls
  • Ytdxx Imperfect Yellowtrace Soft Tone Sketch Paper Rolls
  • Wtdxx Damaged Whitetrace Soft Tone Sketch Paper Rolls

Clearance Sale on Imperfect Rolls of Draftex Whitetarce Paper which have experienced slight damage due to rough handling. Lightweight, soft tone, sketch paper at 27gsm and is ideal for preliminary sketch work for all drawing and drafting professions.

Clearance Sale - 20% off RRP
(No Returns)

  • Extent of Damage/Imperfection detailed in photos.
  • Rolls are still in usable condition.
  • Ideal for Quick Layouts, Preliminary Drawings or Studies for Final Renderings.
  • Extremely Transparent you can place up to Four sheets over your Original Drawing and Still Read the Detail Underneath.
  • Responds Beautifully to Ink, Charcoal, Chalk or Felt Tip Markers.
  • Yellowtrace is produced from pulp sourced from sustainably managed forests.
  • Rolls have full FSC Certification.
  • It is both acid free and fully recyclable.
  • Limited Stock Available:

12" (30cm) - Whitetrace & Yellowtrace
18" (46cm) - Yellowtrace Only
30" (76cm) - Whitetrace Only
36" (91cm) - Whitetrace Only
48" (122cm) - Whitetrace Only

  • All Paper Rolls come in 50yd (46m) long.

Whitetrace & Yellowtrace® Sketch Papers are the favourite choice of designers and architects.
Clearance sale on imperfect rolls that have experienced rough handling, however are still in usable condition.
Produced from certified sustainably managed forests and meeting or exceeding all requirements of Dept Of Agriculture's FSC standards. These papers are also fully recyclable.

Code Unit Description Dimensions Weight
YTD12RollImperfect Yellowtrace 12" x 50yd315L x 62W x 62H500 (g)
WTD12RollImperfect Whitetrace 12" x 50yd315L x 62W x 62H500 (g)
YTD18RollImperfect Yellowtrace 18" x 50yd460L x 62W x 62H1000 (g)
WTD30RollImperfect Whitetrace 30" x 50yd768L x 62W x 62H1120 (g)
WTD36RollImperfect Whitetrace 36" x 50yd920L x 62W x 62H1400 (g)
WTD48RollImperfect Whitetrace 48" x 50yd1227L x 62W x 62H2000 (g)

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