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DC1246 Masterbow Compass Set is a Quality German made instrument set with Springbow Head for Maintained Accuracy.

  • Length 155mm for Circles up to 210mm Diameter.
  • Adjustable Knee Joints.
  • Extension Bar Extends Range to 450mm Diameter.
  • Pen Adaptor.
  • Lead Tube.
  • All Metal.

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Draftex DC1246 Masterbow Compass has a Springbow head for maintaining accuracy.
This is achieved by the action of the circular shaped spring (the bow) at the head of the compass. It keeps a constant tension on the adjusting wheel and thread section - forcing the compass legs outward while the wheel and threads hold them inwards.
This action makes the Draftex Springbow Compass range easy to adjust and keep to the desired radius of your circle.
Adjustable knee joints serve to keep the pencil point or extension bar at the proper angle to the drawing surface when the compass is either fully extended or adjusted to a small radius.

Code Unit Description Dimensions Weight
DC1246EachDC1246 Compass Set182L x 75W x 20H160 (g)

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