DEP13A1 Drafting Package $579.00

  • Dep13a1 Draftex A1 Drafting Table Package With Ds20 Stand  Drawing Board 1050 X 750Mm View 1
  • Dep13a1 Draftex A1 Drafting Table Package With Ds20 Stand  Drawing Board 1050 X 750Mm View 2
  • Ds20 Draftex Drafting Stand Width 740Mm Depth 660Mm Maximum Height 1060Mm

Draftex Drafting Equipment Package No.13 (DEP13A1) consists of our Draftex DS20 Drafting Stand which includes angle elevation and height adjustment, a drawing board designed to comfortably suit A1 size drawings with extra working room and is equipped with a Draftex Parallel Motion Rule.

Board Size

  • A1 - 1050 x 750mm.


  • DS20 Drafting Stand.
  • Manual Height Adjustment.
  • Variable Angle from Horizontal to Vertical.
  • Lever Locking Handle.
  • Pencil Tray on Front Edge.
  • Dimensions 960w x 770d x 900-1115h.
  • See Components Tab for More Information on DS20 Drafting Stand.


  • Draftex Parallel Rule.
  • Single Locking Mechanism.
  • Bevelled Inking Edge.
  • See Components Tab for More Information on our Draftex Parallel Motion Units.

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The Draftex DEP13A1 is comprised of a DS20 Drafting Stand, a Parallel Motion Rule and 1050 x 750mm Drawing Board.
The DS20 Stand is adjustable for angle and and height. Locking levers for angle adjustment can be accessed from either the left or right hand side.
Telescopic height adjustment is lock by handles on the rear of the legs. A tray runs across the bottom edge of the board to hold pens, pencils and other drawing instruments.
The Drawing Board has a smooth melamine surface and heavy duty 16mm plastic edging.
The board is fitted with our Draftex Parallel Motion Rule.
This device is guided by wires and runs in a perfectly parallel line from top to bottom of the board.
This rule can be locked in to place so that you can rest other drawing aids such as set squares, templates or adjustable set squares on the top edge.
The Parallel rule effectively frees one hand when compared to working with a Tee Square as it does not need to be held in place.
Working with ink is made easier because the rule is elevated from the work surface by sprung rollers reducing the potential for smudging by capillary action.
A1 paper fits above the top edge of the parallel rule.

Code Unit Description Dimensions Weight
DEP13A1PackageDB 1050 x 750mm, DPR105, DS20 Stand940L x 840W x 270H25000 (g)

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