Dividers Starting from $44.90

  • 401Xx 451 Rodia Dividers With And Without Tags For Planex Or Vertiplan Vertical Plan Filing Cabinets

Rodia 401 & 451 Dividers are made from heavy white plastic and designed for sectioning between suspended drawings in Planex or Vertiplan vertical plan cabinets.

  • Made from Heavy White Plastic
  • Available Plain (401) or with Metal Index Tabs (451)
  • Sizes to Suit A1, B1 and A0
  • Packs of 10
Code Unit Description Dimensions Weight
401A1Pk 10White Dividers W/O Tags A1615L x 77W x 12H400 (g)
401B1Pk 10White Dividers W/O Tags B1715L x 80W x 13H440 (g)
401A0Pk 10White Dividers W/O Tags A0850L x 80W x 13H600 (g)
451A1Pk 10White Dividers With Tags A1615L x 95W x 17H460 (g)
451B1Pk 10White Dividers With Tags B1715L x 95W x 17H520 (g)
451A0Pk 10White Dividers With Tags A0845L x 90W x 15H620 (g)

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