Drawing Board Clips $8.45

  • Clips Celco Drawing Boards Clips Sold Individually Or Set Of 4
Clips Set4

Drawing Board Clips are designed for use with drawing boards to hold down drawings without any need for adhesive tapes.

  • Made of Nickel Plated Spring Steel.
  • Length 4.9cm and Width 2.6cm.
  • Used for Technical Drawing.
  • Used for Holding Plans, Documents and Paper Firmly in Place on a Drawing Board.
  • Available in Pack of 4.

Drawing Board Clips are made to hold drawing paper down on the board.
They are made of nickel coated spring steel with a flat top surface and a shaped underside that makes it easy to slide the into place and the remove them when required.
Available singly or in sets of 4.

Code Unit Description Dimensions Weight
Clips Set4EachDrawing Board Clips Set4175L x 85W x 35H40 (g)

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