Florence Plan Carriers Starting from $45.55

  • Fpc650 Fpc1050 Fpc1524 Fpc190 Florence Plan Carriers Group Image
  • Fpc90 Florence Plan Carrier Diameter 90Mm Length 1
  • Fpc90 Florence Plan Carrier Diameter 90Mm Length 1
  • Fpc190 Florence Plan Carrier Diameter 190Mm Length
  • Fpc190 Florence Plan Carrier Diameter 190Mm Length

Florence Plan Carriers are made of a hard board covered in a stylish black nylon fabric, at fixed length and designed for the protection and ease of transporting rolled up plans.

  • Available in 4 Lengths and 2 Diameters
  • Lightweight Yet Durable Water Resistant Black Fabric with Reinforced Internal Cylinder
  • Zip Top and Adjustable Shoulder Strap
  • FPC190 - Extra Large Diameter

Florence Plan Carriers are a sturdy and attractive means of transporting your drawings, presentations and conference material to your client or venue.
They are constructed using a rigid inner cylinder of heavy duty tubular board with an outer covering of smart black fabric. A zipper closes the flip open end. 
The choice between the adjustable shoulder strap or padded carry handle makes carrying comfortable and easy.
Arriving with your material in one of these professional quality carriers creates a great impression with clients.
Florence Plan Carriers come in 4 different lengths, 3 with a diameter of 90mm and the FPC 190 with a massive 190mm.


Code Unit Description Dimensions Weight
FPC650EachDiameter 90mm Length 650mm665L x 95W x 95H3000 (g)
FPC1050EachDiameter 90mm Length 1050mm1100L x 190W x 80H3000 (g)
FPC1524EachDiameter 90mm Length 1524mm1550L x 100W x 100H3000 (g)
FPC190EachDiameter 190mm Length 1050mm1065L x 195W x 195H3000 (g)

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