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Planex Horizontal Plan Filing Cabinets are fully welded constructions in high powder coated steel, designed for storage of thick or fragile works or where attaching a suspension strip is not appropriate.

  • Drawers Run on Smooth Ball Bearing Rollers
  • Smooth Clean Lines with No Protruding Drawer Handles
  • Choice of 5 Deep (50mm)¬†or 10 Shallow (25mm) Drawers
  • Cabinets for 5 and 10 Drawer Option are the Same Outer Dimension
  • Can be Stacked 2 High or Matched with Optional Stand
  • Four Sizes ABCD to Suit A1 B1 A0 and A0 plus Sheets
  • Cabinets are Made to Order in the Melbourne Factory and Shipped Direct
  • Standard Colours are Grey or Biege
  • Non Standard Colours Available on Request
  • Optional Choice for Castors (100mm)

Stands are Optional and Not Included in Details Below. Find Stands here

For all Internal Drawer Dimensions please click here


Code Description Height (mm) Depth (mm) Width (mm)
HA5 A1 - 5 Drawer 470 650 950
HA10 A1 - 10 Drawer 470 650 950
HB5 B1 - 5 Drawer 470 900 1170
HB10 B1 - 10 Drawer 470 900 1170
HC5 A0 - 5 Drawer 470 900 1295
HC10 A0 - 10 Drawer 470 900 1295

Standard colours can be chosen from the Dulux Powder Coat Range. Other colours are available on request.

Planex Horizontal Plan Filing Cabinets feature a very smart slimline front with no protruding handles. They can be configured with either five or ten drawers. As the outer cabinet case remains the same size the options translate to five deep drawers or ten shallow. Your choice depends on your requirement for storage of larger quantities versus storage of greater variety. The Planex Horizontal Cabinet drawers run silky smooth on ball bearings. At Draftex we sell individual sheets of a variety of papers and films. We have been using the same sets of Planex cabinets for close to 30 years and they operate as they did when new and still look thoroughly modern.

Code Unit Description Dimensions Weight
HA5EachPlanex A1 Cabinet 5 Drawer950L x 650W x 470H85000 (g)
HA5CAEachPlanex A1 Cabinet 5 Drawer with Castors950L x 650W x 570H85000 (g)
HA10EachPlanex A1 Cabinet 10 Drawer950L x 650W x 470H97000 (g)
HA10CAEachPlanex A1 Cabinet 10 Drawer with Castors950L x 650W x 570H97000 (g)
HB5EachPlanex B1 Cabinet 5 Drawer1170L x 900W x 470H92000 (g)
HB5CAEachPlanex B1 Cabinet 5 Drawer with Castors1170L x 900W x 570H92000 (g)
HB10EachPlanex B1 Cabinet 10 Drawer1170L x 900W x 470H139000 (g)
HB10CAEachPlanex B1 Cabinet 10 Drawer with Castors1170L x 900W x 570H139000 (g)
HC5EachPlanex A0 Cabinet 5 Drawer1295L x 900W x 470H106000 (g)
HC5CAEachPlanex A0 Cabinet 5 Drawer with Castors1295L x 900W x 570H106000 (g)
HC10EachPlanex A0 Cabinet 10 Drawer1295L x 900W x 470H160000 (g)
HC10CAEachPlanex A0 Cabinet 10 Drawer with Castors1295L x 900W x 570H160000 (g)
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