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Planex Vertical Plan Filing Cabinets are powdercoat finished, high performance cabinets providing a means of safely storing a large number of plans vertically using minimal floor space.

  • Available in 3 Sizes to Suit A1, B1 and A0 Drawings
  • Design Allows Storage and Retrieval of Drawings While Maintaining Filing Sequence
  • Capacity 800 Drawings
  • Auto Stabilisers Balance Cabinet When Open
  • Buttons on Front of Cabinet Door Hold a Small Number of Drawings Ready for Use or Filing
  • Torsion Bar Fitted to Lid Prevents Accidental Closure
  • Standard Colours are Grey or Biege
  • Uses 311 or 811 Suspension Strips and 451 or 401 Index Dividers

Model Description Size
MA4 A1 Auto Stabiliser 1100H x 400D x 710W
MB B1 Auto Stabiliser 1250H x 440D x 850W
MC A0 Auto Stabiliser 1420H x 440D x 950W

Standard colours can be chosen from the Dulux Powder Coat Range. Other colours are available on request.

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The Planex M Series Plan Filing Cabinets are designed for true storage and retrieval of drawings.
A filing sequence can be maintained with integrity ensuring that drawings are returned to their designated place.
The action of the cabinet door helps facilitate the location, identification and removal of the required sheet. This is achieved by opening the door to position one as this then allows the up to 800 stored sheets to be sorted to the point where the required one is at the centre of the opening forks. When the door is moved to position two the forks open to allow the sheet to be moved out of the cabinet sideways.
There are locating buttons on the front of the cabinet door that are designed to hold the sheets temporarily - you hang the sheet there while retrieving the next one. They can be filed back where they belong by the same process.
Indexed dividers make for filing efficiency and are designed to hang on the forks of the cabinet to organise your drawings in their required sections.

Code Unit Description Dimensions Weight
MA4EachA1 Auto Stabiliser1100L x 720W x 440H43000 (g)
MBEachB1 Auto Stabliser1250L x 860W x 440H58000 (g)
MCEachA0 Auto Stabiliser1420L x 960W x 440H67000 (g)
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