Kent LED Light Pads Starting from $102.95

  • Kent Led Light Pad Front View 1
  • Kent Led Light Pad Front View 2
  • Kent Led Light Pad Side Ruler Graduations
  • Kent Led Light Pad Power Button
  • Kent Led Light Pad Usb C Type

Kent LED Light Pads can be used for tracing, drawing, sketching, painting, architecture work and design work. Portable and USB charged making them ideal for any home or workplace.

  • Portable Pad with 6mm Thickness.

  • Easy On/Off Button.

  • Magnetic Surface for Holding Sheets - Comes with Magnet Pins.

  • Fit with LED Lighting with 3 Adjustable Levels of Brightness.

  • USB C-Type Powered (Cable Included).

  • Ruler Scale Mark for Easy Measurement.

  • Uses Include Tracing, Drawing, Sketching, Painting, Architecture Work and Design Work.

  • Ideal for Use at Home, in the Studio, at School or in the Office.

  • Two Sizes Available to Suit Either A4 or A3 Sized Media.

  • A3 is Available and In Stock.
  • A4 Size is special order only with typical waiting time of 3-5 business days before despatch of goods - Please call or email.

For A2 sized option click here

Input: DC5V 5.5W
Connector: USB
Made in China
A4 – Approx 6,000 lux
A3 – Approx 5,000 lux
Light Pad to be connected at all time while in use.
Colour Temperature: 8000-11000k
Power 5.5W (A4) and 8W (A3)
CE Certified
Lightbox sizes:
A4 – 338x250
A3 – 307x222
Lighting sizes:
A4 – 307x222
A3 – 427x304

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Code Unit Description Dimensions Weight
KentLEDA3EachKent LED Light Pad A3570L x 530W x 70H3100 (g)
KentLEDA4EachKent LED Light Pad A4450L x 300W x 60H2000 (g)

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