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  • Correction Pens
  • Pentelcp12 Pentel Correction Pen Zl31w Fine Point
  • Pentelcef4 Pentel Correction Pen Zl72w Extra Fine Point

Pentel ZL31-W and ZL72-W Correction Pens

Pentel Correction pens are multipurpose tools which utilise quick drying fluid for fast covering up of your mistakes.

  • Feature Unique Fine Point Steel Tips
  • Ideal for Detailed Correction and Use with a Ruler
  • Ozone Safe

The Pentel ZL31 Correction Pen features a fine point steel tip and 4mm sleeve.
This makes it ideal for detail work and for use with a ruler.
The correction fluid has great opacity and has a low-odour, trichloroethane-free formula.

The ZL72 shares the effective formula of the ZL31 but has a finer point on the tip.
Detail work is made easier by the narrower pen shaped body.

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Code Unit Description Dimensions Weight
PentelCP12EachPentel Correction Pen Fine 12ml ZL31-W105L x 22W x 15H30 (g)
PentelCPEF4EachPentel Correction Pen Extra Fine 4ml130L x 12W x 10H14 (g)

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