Plain White Scale Rules Starting from $4.00

  • Srm15 And Srm30 Blank Scale Rules 1 To 1 5 10 20 50 100 200 500

Scale Rules available in 15 and 30cm . Can also be used for promotional printing purposes.

Standard Oval Section Scales Conform to AS1212 Standards

  • Ratios 1:1, 5, 10, 100, 20, 200, 50, 500.
  • Available in 15cm & 30cm.

Standard Scale Rules have been produced in accordance with Australian Standard AS 1212.
They are manufactured of a tough ABS Plastic printed with 2 sets of graduations on each edge making 8 scales in all.
Available in 15cm pocket versions or 30cm for the desk.
The profile of the rule is described as being oval but this is really to state the difference between these and flat scale rules. Flat scale rules have virtually gone from the market as they were only printed on one side - the other being the flat underside.
Today we have the choice of oval or triangular.

Code Unit Description Dimensions Weight
62UNI15EachScale Rule 15cm Plain White Finish175L x 44W x 5H22 (g)
62UNI30EachScale Rule 30cm Plain White Finish337L x 44W x 5H42 (g)

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