Replacement Blades Starting from $1.90

  • Blades8620 Replacement Snap Off Blades Small
  • Blades8618 Snap Off Blades Large 18Mm

Osmer Snap Off Replacement Blades for small and large handheld cutters.

  • Available in Small (9mm) or Large (18mm) Sizes
  • Snap off Cutting Points to Refresh Sharpness when Tip Becomes Dull
  • Packed in Portable Plastic Casing with Lid
  • Tubes have 10 Blades Each


  • Blades 8620 : 85 x 9 x 0.25 mm
  • Blades 8619 : 110 x 18 x 0.5 mm

9mm Small Blades to fit Large Cutters: Osmer Cutter UC232

18mm Large Blades to fit Large Cutters: Osmer Cutter UC87

Osmer replacement snap off knife blades a an economical general purpose replacement for knives taking 18mm and 9mm sizes.
Both come packed in handy tubes of 10 blades.


Code Unit Description Dimensions Weight
Blades8620Tube 109mm Replacement Blades Small Cutter220L x 70W x 20H23 (g)
Blades8619Tube 1018mm Replacement Blades Large Cutter170L x 80W x 20H90 (g)

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