Taurus Line Guide $0.95

  • Lgp25 Taurus Line Guide

The Taurus Line Guide is a plastic guide for drawing equally spaced line guides for lettering.

  • Raised ink bosses to prevent smudging of wet ink

  • 8 offset Guide holes provide a large range of possible spacings

The Taurus Line Guide is designed to assist in the drawing of evenly spaced lines that are used as a guide for hand lettering. A pencil is inserted in the chosen hole and the guide is pushed along a ruler or straight edge. By choosing from the selection of hole spacings, four lines can be drawn that will help the accuracy of your hand lettering. The middle spacing will be for letters such as a, c, e the upper line will guige b, d, f etc while the lower is for g, q and y.

Code Unit Description Dimensions Weight
LGP25EachTaurus Line Guide60L x 25W x 3H3 (g)

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