Tecnostyl Drafting Machine 628B $1,394.00

  • 628B Tecnostyl Ts Drafting Machine To Suit 1200 X 800 Board For A1 Drawings
  • 628B Tecnostyl Drafting Machine Drawing Head Close Up

Drafting Machine 628B by Tecnostyl is a high quality Italian made product designed for technical drawing that allows a straightedge to be moved while maintaining any desired angle between it and the edge of the drawing board.

(Machine Only, Board not Included)

  • Track Machine to Suit 1200mm x 800mm Board.
  • Comfortably Covers A1 Size Drawings.
  • Smooth Action and Accurate Results.
  • Clear Scale Rules Graduated 1:1, 1:2 & 1:5, 1:2.5 in 300mm and 400mm Lengths.
  • Full 360 Degree Head Rotation.
  • Horizontal and Vertical Brakes.
  • Suitable for Mounting with Board on a DS11, DS17 or DS20 Drafting Stand.

Tecnostyl 628B Drafting Machine Extra Detail

The Tecnostyl Company has been manufacturing quality products for drafting since 1948.
The Model 628B drafting machine is an accurate track unit designed to cover A1 size drawings.
The drafting head rotates through a full 360 degrees for complete coverage of any required angle. The braking system on the horizontal and vertical tracks allows them to be locked, thus enabling the drawing of long continuous lines.
The scale rulers are graduated in millimetres and have a central alloy section and clear edges for ease of placement on the drawing. The centre section of the scales being metal minimises the risk of cracking around the fixing points, while this design also elevates the edge of the rule above the drawing surface to prevent capillary ink smudge.
Delrin covered ball bearing rollers provide a smooth movement of the carriages making drawing a quick and effortless exercise.
The attachment of the drafting head to the vertical track via a double hinged joint ensures that the scale rules sit flat to the drawing surface.

Drafting machines have proven to be the fastest and most efficient method of creating drawings manually. A great reduction in hand and arm movement occurs as a natural result of being able to place the zero point of your scale at any point on your drawing and immediately draw a line of any angle and a line at right angles to that. Compared to the alternative traditional methods of parallel rule or tee square a great time saving is achieved.

Code Unit Description Dimensions Weight
628BEachTecnostyl DM To Suit Board 800 x 1200mm1210L x 210W x 150H6420 (g)

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