Kent is a well Recognised Australian Brand in the Drawing and Drafting Industry due to their Production of a Large Range of Quality Products.

We are Proud Sellers of Kent Set Square Sets, A3 Drawing Boards, Triangular Scale Rules, Battery Erasers & Sharpeners, Drawing Board Clips and Ellipse Templates.

Kent Triangular Scale Rulers

Kent Triangular Scale Rulers. 3 Options Available; 402, 403, 409 in 30cm.

Kent Set Square Sets

Popular Kent Set Square Sets in 30°, 45° and 60°. Made From Slim Flexible Plastic, Graduations begin at Corner and Extend Full Length.

Kent Profile A3 Drawing Board

Kent Profile A3 Double Locking Drawing Board with Magnetic Paper Clamp and Superior Stop and Go Locking System.

Kent Precision Battery Eraser

Kent Battery Eraser has a pen style body which makes it easy to use, hold and control. Available with two width erasers