Kent Set Square Sets Starting from $19.75

  • Kent8 Set Square Set
  • Kent8 Set Square Set
  • Kent10 Set Square Set
  • Kent10 Set Square Set
  • Kent12 Set Square Set
  • Kent12 Set Square Set

Kent Set Square Sets No. 8, 10 & 12 are a popular, professional quality instruments designed for drawing at 30, 45 and 60 degrees when resting on a straightedge such as a Tee Square of Parallel Rule.

  • Flexible Professional Quality Set Squares Supplied as a Pair.
  • 30/60 and 45 Degrees Set Squares.
  • Supplied in a Protective Plastic Wallet.
  • Suitable for Pencil Work.
  • Made From Slim Flexible Acrylic.
  • Graduations begin at Corner and Extend Full Length.

For details on measurements please refer to Extra Detail tab.

Kent Set Squares are a popular scholastic item featuring a flexible plastic that resists breakage when bending.
The edges are graduated from the very corner making it more convenient and accurate when measuring from an existing line.
Kent Set Squares are most suited for pencil only work. There square cut edges do not have an allowance for working with fineline pens
Capllary action can suck ink under the flat edge.
Sold in pairs of 90/45/45 and 90/60/30 degrees in three sizes.
To make it easier to distinguish between each model we list these dimensions of the graduated edges
No.8 45 degree 180mm each edge with last readable dimension 170mm
No.8 30/60 140mm (adjacent) 250mm (opposite) with last readable dimension 140 and 230mm
No.10 45 degree 215mm each edge with last readable dimension 200mm
No.10 30/60 175mm (adjacent) 300mm (opposite) with last readable dimension 170 and 290mm
No.12 45 degree 250mm each edge with last readable dimension 24`0mm
No.12 30/60 205mm (adjacent) 350mm (opposite) with last readable dimension 190 and 340mm

Code Unit Description Dimensions Weight
Kent8Set 2Kent Set Square No. 8277L x 205W x 30H400 (g)
Kent10Set 2Kent Set Square No. 10400L x 225W x 30H400 (g)
Kent12Set 2Kent Set Square No. 12470L x 265W x 30H400 (g)

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