1106 Tee Square $55.40

  • 1106 T Squares

Draftex 1106 Tee Squares have a plastic headstock, clear acrylic blade with inking edge and include graduation markings.

  • Removable Headstock with Carry Pouch for Portability.
  • Graduation Marks in Centimetres and Inches.
  • Left or Right Handed Use.
  • Available in 60cm.

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This Tee Square is made from high quality acrylic material.
Being transparent allows the user to see their work through this Tee Square.
The removable headstock of the Draftex 1106 Tee Square allows it to be stored or carried in its protective pouch.
The parallel blade makes it usable as a Left Handed Tee Square as well as Right Handed.
Available in 60cm length.

Code Unit Description Dimensions Weight
110660Each60cm Acrylic T Square705L x 95W x 20H550 (g)

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