Draftex Set Square Sets Starting from $6.90

  • Ss8 Draftex Set Square Set Pk
  • Ss8 Draftex Set Square Set Pk
  • Ss10 Draftex Set Square Set
  • Ss10 Draftex Set Square Set Pk
  • Ss12 Draftex Set Square Set
  • Ss12 Draftex Set Square Set Pk


Draftex SS8, SS10 & SS12 Set Square Sets are made of high quality transparent plastic and are designed for drawing at 30, 45, 60 & 90 degrees when resting on a straightedge such as a Tee Square of Parallel Rule.

  • Each Set Includes; 1 x 45°/90° and 1 x 60°/30°.
  • Graduations Start at Corner and Extend to End.
  • Slight Bevel to Graduated Edge.
  • May Be Inverted for Ruling With Markers or Ink.
  • Tough Acrylic Material.
  • Comes in a Protective Plastic Sleeve.

For Adjustable Set Squares Click here

Draftex SS8, SS10 & SS12 Set Squares are made by ATI in high quality plastic. They come in the traditional set of 2 with internal angles of 90°/45°/45° on one and 90°/60°/30° on the other. Graduations start at the very corner of the set square. This is a very popular feature as measurements can be taken using the set square resting on a tee square or rule. Some brands leave a space before the graduations begin and this is inconvenient and can lead to inaccuracy if measuring from an existing line or a line just drawn using the tee square.

Three sizes are available in the sets of two.

Code Unit Description Dimensions Weight
SS8PairSet Square Set 20cm Size210L x 138W x 5H50 (g)
SS10PairSet Square Set 25cm Size265L x 160W x 5H100 (g)
SS12PairSet Square Set 30cm Size310L x 188W x 5H100 (g)

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