Draftex Adjustable Set Squares Starting from $43.35

  • 5912 Draftex Adjustable Set Square 300Mm Boxed
  • 5912 Draftex Adjustable Set Square 300Mm
  • 5910 Draftex Adjustable Set Square 250Mm Boxed
  • 5910 Draftex Adjustable Set Square 250Mm

Draftex 5910 & 5912 Adjustable Set Squares are made of transparent acrylic and are designed for drawing any angle up to and including 90°.

  • Bevelled and Inking Edge.
  • Made of Acrylic Plastic.
  • Also Known as an Adjustable Trigonometric Triangle.
  • Measurements in Degrees, Slope and Rise.
  • Available in 250mm (10") & 300mm (12").
  • Clear Square with White Quadrant.
  • Magnified Cursor.

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Adjustable Set Squares make a great combination with parallel motion rules or tee squares.
They allow the user to draw a 90 degree right angle or any desired angle within a 90 degree arc when adjusted.
By turning the entire square a further 90 degree range can be achieved thus giving a full 180 degrees coverage. The edge is bevelled and cut away to eliminate ink smudge.
The cursor is magnified to make accurate readings on the graduated quadrant.
Sizes of 10inch (250mm) and 12inch (300mm) are measured on the hypotenuse.
Degrees on the quadrant are marked 0-90 and 90-0 to assist in calculating the angle.

Code Unit Description Dimensions Weight
5910EachDraftex 250mm Adjustable Set Square395L x 200W x 23H200 (g)
5912EachDraftex 300mm Adjustable Set Square465L x 235W x 23H300 (g)

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