3M Repositionable Spray Adhesive $41.45

  • 75Ca 3M Repositionable Spray Adhesive 290G

3M™ Repositionable 75 Spray Adhesive is suitable for temporarily holding and positioning lightweight materials for display or prior to assembly.

  • Allows Materials to be Lifted and Repositioned
  • Ideal for Lightweight Bonding of Paper, Cardboard, Fabric, Foam Core and Plastic Sheeting to a Variety of Surfaces
  • Fast Drying
  • Clear
  • Resists, Staining, Bleed Through and Wrinkling
  • Smooth Glue Line
  • Strength: Low
  • Speed: Fast
  • 290g Can

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3M™ Repositionable 75 Spray Adhesive is a versatile pressure sensitive adhesive spray, suitable for temporary holding or positioning of lightweight materials for display or prior to final assembly. It adheres in seconds, yet has an extra-long tack range that allows lifting and repositioning of materials.
When sprayed on one surface our adhesive has a bonding range from 5 seconds to several hours, and its low peel strength allows for even lightweight materials or tissues to be lifted and repeatedly repositioned. Spray 75 Adhesive is a clear adhesive which will not bleed through, stain or wrinkle most materials. Neither will it soak through delicate substrates like foil, paper and fabric. 3M Repositionable 75 Spray Adhesive is suitable for bonding paper, tissue, cardboard, acetate film, foils, fabrics, plastic sheeting, rubber etc. to themselves, and to metal, wood, glass and rigid plastics.
It is widely used in textile cutting rooms for holding patterns in place instead of pinning them, and to prevent transfers moving during printing. It is also used for affixing removable labels.
3M 75 spray adhesive is ideal for production line work where parts are held in place temporarily prior to final assembly. This versatile spray adhesive is manufactured to dry clear, produce a smooth glue line and resist wrinkling to produce a clean appearance that won't embrittle with age.

Code Unit Description Dimensions Weight
75Can 290g3M Artists Repositionable Spray Adhesive200L x 70W x 70H415 (g)

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