3M 700 Adhesive Cleaner and Solvent $49.25

  • 700 3M Adhesive And Solvent Cleaner 350G

3M™ 700 Adhesive Cleaner and Solvent Spray softens many types of old tape adhesive residue or previously bonded surfaces.

  • For Maintenance & Cleaning
  • Fast Drying
  • Removes and Cleans Adhesive Residue
  • Used for Cleaning Heavy Oils, Grease, Silicon, Tar, Wax and Much More.
  • Leaves no Solvent Ring or Mark on Artboards
  • Suitable for a Wide Variety of Industrial Uses
  • Controlled Drying Rate
  • Additional Extension Tube to Reach Hard-to-Get-to Places and Give Accurate Control
  • 350g Can

3M™ Adhesive Cleaner and Solvent 700 Spray is a versatile general use solvent in aerosol form.
Ideal for cleaning heavily contaminated surfaces prior to bonding, removal of adhesive residue or dismantling previously bonded articles.
3M 700 provides convenience and ease of use and ensures you get the cleanest surfaces in preparation for tapes and adhesives bonding, which in turn gives you the strongest results.

Note: It may not be possible to separate articles bonded with adhesive and tape systems different to the 3M™ Spray Adhesive range.

Code Unit Description Dimensions Weight
700Can 350g3M Scotch 700 Adhesive Cleaner + Solvent240L x 65W x 65H460 (g)

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