Our range of SnapOff Blade knives from Olfa, NT Cutter and Osmer offer a choice of premium quality and economic pricing. We stock a range of replacement blades to suit each knife and our range of scalpel blade shapes is extensive. It is useful to know that a scalpel blade beginning with a No. 1 will fit a No.3 handles and blades starting with a No.2 fit a No.4 handle.

Osmer Cutter UC232

All Metal Body. Zinc Alloy Handgrip has Solid Feel. Rubber Grips for Added Safety. Incorporated Blade Snapper.

Osmer Cutter UC87

Large Heavy Duty Body. Metal Blade Carrier within Plastic Handle. Thumb Lock on Slider Incorporated Blade Snapper.

Replacement Blades

Small and Large Size Snap-Off Blades in Plastic Portable Tubes of 10


KnifeGuard is a magnetic device designed to protect your fingers and to make cutting safer when using a Sharp Knife or Scalpel and a Steel Rule

OLFA Large Cutter

Heavy Duty Large Snap Cutter with Metal Insert for Stability and Strength. Autoloading Chamber. Comes with 3 x 18mm Blades, can Store up to 6 in the Handle. Takes all 18mm Snap Blades.

OLFA Cutter Blades

Highest Quality Heavy Duty Snap Blades. (18mm). Tube of 10. Made in Japan. Fits all Large Snap Cutters.

Scalpel Handles and Blades

Surgical Quality Scalpel Handles and Blades For Accurate Cutting and Model Making

Razor Blades

Single and Double Sided and Razor Blades Sold Individually and in Packs.