53gsm Detail Paper Cut Sheets Starting from $4.80

  • Detailxx Gateway Detail Paper 53Gsm Cut Sheets Available Sizes A1 A2 A3 A4

53gsm Detail Paper Cut Sheets are translucent media suitable for preliminary drawings in ink or pencil. Available in a range of sizes and sold in packs of 200 sheets or Multiples of 10 sheets.

  • Quality Gateway Brand.
  • Available in 200 Sheet Packs or Multiples of 10 Sheets.

Important for A1 & A2 - Multiple of 10 Sheet Orders:
We Roll and Send in Tube/s. For sending flat packed please contact us directly to obtain custom quotation.

  • 53gsm Weight.
  • Available in sizes A1, A2, A3 & A4.

This Detail Paper is a lightweight 53gsm paper ideal for preliminary drawings.
Detail Paper accepts ink and pencil equally well.
Smoothness and translucency are qualiites of the Gateway Detail Paper.

Environmental: Gateway Detail Drawing Paper is manufactured from Elemental Chlorine Free woodpulps from well managed and renewed forest sources. This product is fully recyclable. Chartham Papers operates a BS EN ISO 9002 registered quality management system.

Code Unit Description Dimensions Weight
DetailA4Pk10Pk 10A4 Detail Paper 10 Sheets760L x 60W x 60H197 (g)
DetailA4Pk200Pk 200A4 Detail Paper315L x 215W x 20H740 (g)
DetailA3Pk10Pk10A3 Detail Paper 10 Sheets670L x 60W x 60H238 (g)
DetailA3Pk200Pk 200A3 Detail Paper430L x 310W x 25H1560 (g)
DetailA2Pk10Pk 10A2 Detail Paper 10 Sheets670L x 60W x 60H310 (g)
DetailA2Pk200Pk 200A2 Detail Paper595L x 420W x 10H3500 (g)
DetailA1Pk10Pk 10A1 Detail Paper 10 Sheets670L x 60W x 60H2410 (g)
DetailA1Pk200Pk 200A1 Detail Paper1020L x 820W x 40H8000 (g)

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