Alvin Jetbow Compass $21.95

  • Jetbow Quickbow Compass Set

Alvin Jetbow is a Quality Quickbow Compass Set made in Germany. A Quickbow Compass is a Masterbow Compass which has Rapid Lever Adjustment.

  • This Model is Auto Locking.
  • Geared Head which Maintains Precision Accuracy.
  • Length 170mm for Circles up to 360mm Diameter.
  • Extension Bar extends Diameter to 580mm.
  • Double Knee Joints.
  • Pen Adaptor.
  • Lead Tube.

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The Alvin Jetbow Compass has a quick adjustment feature that is activated by depressing the two levers on the legs.
This releases the locking system so that a large or small radius can be set very quickly. The release of the levers locks the legs in place and fine adjustment is made with the central wheel.
Gears in the head ensure that both legs maintain an equal distance from the centre. 
Adjustable knee joints serve to keep the pencil point or extension bar at the proper angle to the drawing surface when the compass is either fully extended or adjusted to a small radius.

Code Unit Description Dimensions Weight
JETBOWEachAlvin Jetbow Compass Set180L x 75W x 20H160 (g)

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