Draftex Fineline Mechanical Pencil $6.60

  • Mpdx05 Draftex Mechanical Pencil 05Mm
  • Mpdx05 Draftex Mechanical Pencil 05Mm Packet Black
  • Mpdx05 Draftex Mechanical Pencil 05Mm With 2B Leads And Eraser Black
  • Mpdx05 Draftex Mechanical Pencil 05Mm Packet Yellow
  • Mpdx05 Draftex Mechanical Pencil 05Mm With 2B Leads And Eraser Yellow

MPDX05 Draftex Fineline Mechanical Pencil to suit 0.5mm leads great for artists, professionals, teachers and students.

  • Draftex Finelead Mechanical Pencil to Suit 0.5mm Leads.
  • Durable Drafting Mechanical Pencil.
  • Threaded Anti-Skid Grip.
  • Convenient Pocket Clip.
  • Brass Collet.
  • Lead Advances Easily with a Click.
  • Black or Yellow Plastic Barrel.
  • Grooves for Grip.
  • Blister Pack Includes Bonus Tube of 10 x 2B Grade Refill Leads and White Eraser.

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The fine plastic body, metal packet clip, and threaded grip give Draftex Mechanical Pencils a well-balanced and high quality feel. The 0.5mm mechanical pencil ensures consistency for delicate and precise linework. To load lead, simply remove the push-button cap, drop in a new lead and click a few times to advance the lead. Each Draftex Mechanical Drafting Pencil includes a refill tube of 10 x 2B grade leads and white eraser.

The drafting pencils have a metal sleeve that envelops the lead as it extends from the end of the pencil. This acts to protect the lead from breakage and most importantly allows the drawing of lines along a ruler, set square or template where the metal sleeve is the contact point and not the lead.

The pocket clip acts to prevent the pencil from rolling on an inclined surface.

Best For:

  • Artists, Professionals, Teachers and Students.
  • Offices and Schools.
  • Detailed Drawings.
  • Sketching and Fine Art Drawing.
  • Drafting and Technical Work.
  • Smooth, Consistent Lines.
  • Any Artist, Architect or Engineer.

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Code Unit Description Dimensions Weight
MPDX05EachDraftex Fineline Pencil 0.5mm Pack190L x 85W x 12H20 (g)

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