Staedtler Mars Micro Mechanical Pencils Starting from $11.30

  • 775 03 05 07 09 Staedtler Mars Mico 775 Mechanical Pencils
  • 77N R52 Staedler Mars Spare Eraser Plugs To Suit 775 Mechanical Pencil Tube Of 5 Or Individually

Staedtler Mars 775 Micro Mechanical Pencils to suit 0.3, 0.5, 0.7 & 0.9mm leads.

  • Retractable Safety Point and Cushioned Lead.
  • Soft Rubber Finger Grip, Metal Fittings, Blue Plastic Barrel.
  • Colour Coded to Lead Compatible Line Widths.
  • Four Options Available to Suit Leads in Either 0.3, 0.5, 0.7 and 0.9mm Line Widths.
  • 77N R52 Staedtler Eraser Plugs to Suit Staedtler Mars 775 Micro Mechanical Pencils.
  • 5 Eraser Plugs per Tube or Available Individually.

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Staedtler 775 Mars Micro Mechanical Pencils have design features that make them especially suitable for drafting. The protective metal sleeve ensures the lead is protected against breakage and is essential when drawing along a ruler, guide or with a template. This sleeve can be retracted when the pencil needs to be carried in your pocket.
Each of the 4 options is colour coded in the ISO Standard of Yellow for .3mm, Brown for .5mm, Blue for .7mm and Orange for .9mm and the plastic barrels have a rubber finger grip for precise control.
The pocket clip acts to prevent the pencil from rolling on an inclined surface.
The top of the pencils have storage for spare leads for quick reloading and also house an eraser and a cleaning needle to get rid of any short pieces of lead left in the tip.

Code Unit Description Dimensions Weight
77503EachStaedtler Mars Micro Mech Pencil 0.3mm147L x 12W x 12H13 (g)
77505EachStaedtler Mars Micro Mech Pencil 0.5mm147L x 12W x 12H13 (g)
77507EachStaedtler Mars Micro Mech Pencil 0.7mm147L x 12W x 12H13 (g)
77509EachStaedtler Mars Micro Mech Pencil 0.9mm147L x 12W x 12H13 (g)
77N R52eaEachSingle Spare Eraser Plug8L x 3W x 3H3 (g)
77N R52Tube of 5Tube of Spare Eraser Plugs100L x 12W x 12H10 (g)

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