Draftex Fineline Mechanical Pencils $1.50

  • Fp307 Draftex Ati Mechanical Pencil 07Mm

Draftex Fineline Mechanical Pencils with Steel Tip to suit 0.7mm Leads.

  • Fixed Lead Sleeve for Protection When Ruling
  • Lead Indicator with HB 2B 3H 2H H and F Markings
  • Pocket Clip
  • Eraser Inside Push-Button
  • Ribbed Finger Grip


  • 0.7mm
  • Plastic Barrel

For Leads Click here

Draftex Fineline 0.7mm Mechanical Pencil are manufactured by ATI and are designed for drafting use. The fixed steel tube at the tip protects the lead against breakage and is essential when working against a ruler, guide or template.
Pencils made for handwriting rather than drafting often lack this steel tip.
The barrel can store spare leads for quick reloading and has an eraser located under the cap.
The pocket clip stops the pencil from rolling on an inclined surface such as a drawing board.
Draftex Fineline Pencil are great value with .7mm line widths. A lead indicator can be rotated to show the grade you are currently using in the pencil.

Code Unit Description Dimensions Weight
FP307EachDraftex Mech Pencil Plastic Barrel 0.7mm145L x 12W x 12H9 (g)

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