Erasing Shield $1.75

  • 2402 Erasing Shield

Draftex Stainless Steel Erasing Shield for Protecting the Surrounding Drawings of the area you wish to erase.

  • Allows Accurate Erasure While Protecting Other Work.
  • Variety of Different Shapes to Suit Erasing Situation.
  • Draftex Erasing Shield Dimensions: 100 x 68mm.

The Draftex 2402 Erasing Shield is made from very thin stainless steel. It is designed to protect your work while you erase the required section of drawing. You achieve this by placing the shield over the piece to be erased then erase away.The variety of shaped apertures ensure that you will find one suitable to pick out just the area you need.

Code Unit Description Dimensions Weight
2402EachDraftex 2402 Erasing Shield100L x 67W x 1H4 (g)

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