Dusting Brush $4.10

  • 2403 Dusting Brush


Draftex 2403 Dusting Brush For Cleaning Drawing and Board Surfaces.

  • Clean Drawings from Debris, most Commonly Eraser Rubbings
  • Wooden Handle
  • Synthetic Bristles

The Draftex 2403 Dusting Brush is designed to help you clean away debris from your drawing surface. Erasure rubbings being the most common contaminant. Another unusual use for this dusting brush is the safe removal of a bee from your workplace or studio. For reasons unexplained a bee will sit happily on a brush until taken outside to freedom. The 2403 is made from a wooden handle with synthetic bristles.

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Code Unit Description Dimensions Weight
2403EachDraftex 2403 Dusting Brush255L x 75W x 15H56 (g)

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