Staedtler Eraser for Ink and Pencil Starting from $7.15

  • 526508Ea Mars Plastic Combi Eraser
  • 526508Bx 20 X Mars Plastic Combi Eraser

Staedtler 526 508 Mars Plastic Combi Eraser for Precise Cleaning of Pencil and Ink.

  • Pencil Half is Same as 526 50 White Plastic
  • Ink Half is Ecapsulated with a Solvent that Dissoles Drawing Ink
  • Does Not Rely on Abrasion to Remove Ink
  • Leaves Paper Surface Ready for Drawing
  • Available in Singles or a Box 20

The Staedtler 526508 Combi Eraser has one half for erasing pencil and the other for drawing ink. The pencil half is the well loved 52650 vinyl eraser that has been the standard by which other pencil erasers are judged. It has maximum lead removal with minimum residual waste and leaves the surface clean and ready for more drawing.
The ink erasing side uses a technology that replaced the old way of removing ink by abrasion which often left the drawing surface rough and subject to ink bleed. Instead of being abrasive the 526508 has a soft material that is impregnated with an encapsulated liquid that reacts with drawing ink to lift it from the surface.
The result is an undisturbed work surface that needs only to be rubbed over with the pencil end to remove any residue and is then ready to be drawn on again. This successful combination is dependent on the formulas of the drawing ink and encapsulated liquid reacting - this reaction may not occur with ink from markers or other types of pen.

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Code Unit Description Dimensions Weight
526508EaEachStaedtler Mars Plastic Combi Eraser63L x 22W x 12H21 (g)
526508bxBox 20Staedtler Mars Plastic Combi Eraser130L x 115W x 25H444 (g)

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