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  • 5200 Draftex Lead Pointer Sharpener For 2Mm Clutch Pencil Leads
  • Lp40 Draftex 2mm Lead Pointer


Draftex Lead Pointers for use with 2mm Clutch Pencil Leads.

  • Lead Pointers for Sharpening 2mm Leads Used with Clutch Pencils
  • 5200 is a Rotating Lead Pointer for 2mm Clutch Pencils with a Choice of Two Sharpness Settings and an Inbuilt Filter with Replacements for Removing Graphite Dust
  • LP40 Dimensions 28mm x 10mm x 4mm

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The Draftex 5200 Lead Pointer is designed to put a point on your clutch pencil lead. You can choose a very fine point with a long taper or a shorter less tapered option and your choice would usually depend on the grade or hardness of the lead you are using. A harder lead will hold a finer point longer than softer grades. To choose the type of point you would like you push the lead release button at the top of the pencil and let the lead drop in to the hole with the markings that show the two choices. These two holes are located on the black top rotating section of the pointer. Drop the lead to the bottom and then bring the clutch jaws of the pencil down to the level of the top of the hole and release the button to clamp your lead. You then place the barrel of the clutch pencil in the hole at the top of the pointer and rotate. Once the grinding of the lead ceases you have reached your optimal sharpness. Remove the clutch pencil and then push the newly sharpened point of the lead into the white filter and give it a twist. This will remove any residual lead dust that could otherwise transfer to your drawing and cause smudging.
The Draftex LP40 Lead Pointer is designed to put a point on your clutch pencil lead. It is a simple sharpener held in the fingers while the clutch pencil and lead are rotated to achieve the desired point.

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Code Unit Description Dimensions Weight
LP40EachLead Pointer29L x 10W x 4H1 (g)
5200EachDraftex Barrel Lead Pointer for 2mm40L x 39W x 25H45 (g)

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