Draftex Clutch Pencil 2mm $12.70

  • 5230 Hidex Draftex Clutch Pencil Leadholder For 2Mm Leads


Draftex Hidex 5230 Clutch Pencil to Suit 2mm Leads.

  • 5230 Traditional Blue Barrel and Chrome Metal Grip.
  • Pocket Clip.
  • Push Button End is Lead Pointer / Sharpener.
  • Lead Indicator.
  • Equipped with HB Grade Lead.

For 2mm Lead Pointers Click here

For 2mm Replacement Leads in Varying Grades Click here

The Draftex 5230 clutch pencil is designed to hold 2mm leads. The knurled chrome finger grip helps provide a great feel and balance. The pocket clip also stops the pencil rolling on inclined drawing boards. It has a lead indicator which allows the user to rotate the viewing aperture to show which lead grade is currently in the pencil. A lead pointer is included at the tip and is easily removed for sharpening.

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Code Unit Description Dimensions Weight
5230EachDraftex Clutch Pencil 2mm148L x 13W x 13H15 (g)

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