Ati 2mm Leads Starting from $2.70

  • 2Milhb Clutch Pencil Lead 2Mm Hb
  • 2Mil2b  2Mil2b6 Clutch Pencil Lead 2Mm 2B Available In Pack Of 6 Or 12 Leads
  • 2Milb 2Milf 2Milh  2Milblue Clutch Pencil Lead 2Mm B F H  Blue Available In Pack Of 12 Leads
  • 2Milhb  2Milhb6 Clutch Pencil Lead 2Mm Hb Available In Pack Of 6 Or 12 Leads
  • 2Mil2h6 Clutch Pencil Lead 2Mm 2H Available In Pack Of 6 Leads
  • 2Milblue Clutch Pencil Leads 2Mm Blue
  • Grade Chart


Ati 2mm Leads for use with Clutch Pencils Available in 6 grades plus Blue.

  • Professional Quality Leads for 2mm Clutch Pencils.
  • For Use on Paper Media.
  • Available in 6Pk: 2B, HB and 2H.
  • Available in 12Pk: 2B, B, HB, F, H and Blue.
  • Lead Length: 127mm(12Pk) & 90mm(6Pk).
  • HB and Blue Leads Available in Custom Plastic Tube of 3 Each - While Stock Lasts.

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Draftex 2mm Leads are manufactured by ATI and come in 6 grades plus Blue. The hard to find F grade is included in this low cost quality alternative to the German brands. They come packed in a 12 lead dispenser with slide opening or 12 lead dispenser for 2B, HB & 2H. The use of a clutch pencil maximises the usable life of the lead as compared to a woodcase pencil as the clutch pencil lead can be used to the very last piece that can be held in the clutch. When pencils get sharpened down to less that half their length they become awkward to hold. Clutch pencils also have a solid feel that many users prefer.

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Code Unit Description Dimensions Weight
2MILHB3PkTube 3Clutch Pencil Lead 2mm HB163L x 12W x 12H150 (g)
2MILBlue3PkTube 3Clutch Pencil Lead 2mm Blue163L x 12W x 12H150 (g)
2MIL2B6Tube6Clutch Pencil Lead 2mm 2B101L x 12W x 8H14 (g)
2MILHB6Tube6Clutch Pencil Lead 2mm HB101L x 12W x 8H14 (g)
2MIL2H6Tube6Clutch Pencil Lead 2mm 2H101L x 12W x 8H14 (g)
2MILHBTube12Clutch Pencil Lead 2mm HB150L x 30W x 10H27 (g)
2MILBTube12Clutch Pencil Lead 2mm B150L x 30W x 10H27 (g)
2MILFTube12Clutch Pencil Lead 2mm F150L x 30W x 10H27 (g)
2MILHTube12Clutch Pencil Lead 2mm H150L x 30W x 10H27 (g)
2MILBlueTube12Clutch Pencil Lead 2mm BLUE150L x 30W x 10H27 (g)

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