Rotring Vinyl Eraser Starting from $5.00

  • B20ea B20 Rotring Rapid Vinyl Eraser
  • B20bx20 B20 Rotring Rapid Vinyl Eraser Box Of 20

Rotring B20 Vinyl Eraser for Polymer/Graphite Pencil Lines.

  • Works by Rolling up Graphite and Dirt Particles in Eraser Dust
  • Does not Affect Ink Lines or Contain Abrasives
  • Available in Singles or a Box of 20

Rotring B20 Vinyl Eraser is perfect for erasing polymer and graphite pencil lines. Brush off the resulting eraser dust easily and cleanly without smudging or marking your paper. The eraser does not affect ink lines or contain abrasives.

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Code Unit Description Dimensions Weight
B20eaEachRotring B20 Eraser65L x 21W x 13H20 (g)
B20BxBox 20Rotring B20 Eraser136L x 128W x 30H750 (g)

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