Sharpeners with Shavings Holder Starting from $8.15

  • 511 Tub Sharpener Single Hole
  • 512 Tub Sharpener Double Hole

Staedtler Pencil Sharpeners with Plastic Shavings Holder & Lid for Graphite Pencils.

  • Sharpener Enclosed in Plastic Case to Catch Shavings
  • Safety Lock Lid to Avoid Spillage
  • Available in Single Hole or Double Hole

The Staedtler 511 and 512 Pencil Sharpeners use the same alloy and carbon steel sharpeners as the 510.
They are enclosed in a plastic case that catches the shavings. The case has a safety lock lid to accidental opening and spillage.
The 511 is designed for standard 8.2mm diameter pencils to be sharpened to the optimum 23 degrees of angle which provides a clear and accurate line.
The 512 has the additional larger opening for thicker and coloured pencils up to with a 30 degree cut angle for drawing softer broader lines.

Code Unit Description Dimensions Weight
511001EachStaedtler Single Sharpener with Barrel57L x 40W x 40H36 (g)
512001EachStaedtler Double Sharpener with Barrel57L x 40W x 40H36 (g)

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